The mobility sector has been strongly hit by the COVID-19 crisis with a wide societal and economic impact. During the lockdown period the transport demand in almost all affected countries went drastically down. Later, in the phase of gradual de-confinement, cities and transport operators face challenges in matching demand, capacity and space needs while trying to comply with the social distancing requirements. The long-term impacts and their gravity are still difficult to predict. While this crisis was something difficult to foresee and that no one wished for, its consequences have included some positive aspects as well, such as an increase in cycling and the rapid take-off of teleworking.

To use this turning point smartly and support transformation towards green and digital mobility, the MaaS Alliance has published a briefing document for legislative and financial measures supporting the digital and green transformation of the mobility sector during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of the planned stimulus packages, MaaS Alliance invites governments, public organisations, such as the European Union, and institutions to launch targeted legislative and financial measures to support the digital and green transformation of the mobility sector, benefitting cities, citizens and environment. What is now needed is to boost the availability and provision of multimodal integrated mobility services as well the complementarity of public and private sector in service mobility provision.

The suggested measures includes: 1) incentive schemes for greener behaviour and optimised mobility mix; 2) investments in trust and creation of an open MaaS ecosystem; 3) investments to support interoperability and integration readiness of public transport to MaaS; and 4) support to active and micromobility schemes in cities and their integration to multimodal systems.

The suggested measures have been selected based on their potential to be highly impactful, neutral to changes with regards to the technology roadmaps and universally applicable to different environments and administrative systems.

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