The Austrian traffic technology corporation SWARCO AG has acquired Munich-based transport research and consultancy firm TRANSVER GmbH. Both companies agreed to aggregate their know-how and push the cooperation with universities and research institutions in the field of intelligent traffic management.

SWARCO owner Manfred Swarovski considers the acquisition an important step in mastering the mobility challenges of the future: “TRANSVER is well known for its outstanding software developments for traffic management, with numerous references throughout Germany. Jointly with this company, we are going to extend our competence in intermodal traffic management and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. In tomorrow’s connected world the road infrastructure „speaks” with the vehicles in order to minimize congestion and reduce emissions.”


TRANSVER Managing Director Prof. Bernhard Friedrich looks forward to the strong partnership with SWARCO: “The SWARCO Group ranks among the internationally leading full-service providers in road safety and traffic management solutions. Together with my colleagues Prof. Busch and Prof. Keller as scientific consultants and with the whole TRANSVER team we will continue to act autonomously while maintaining this well-known brand. We understand ourselves as a Transport Research and Systems Advisory Unit, focusing on the topics ‘Innovation and Research’, ‘Traffic Planning’, ‘ITS Systems’ and ‘Traffic Technology related Software’. Jointly with SWARCO I recognize a big potential in converting scientific research and the practical approach of a technology provider into marketable solutions.”

Both corporations have long-standing experience in the development and implementation of intelligent transport systems. In particular in international project business – where customers look for one-stop turnkey solutions for their SMART CITIES – the partnership of SWARCO and TRANSVER is well suited to lead to sustainable, state-of-the-art results.

Munich-based TRANSVER was founded in 1995 with the goal of putting scientific innovations in traffic planning, traffic technology and traffic management into practice. Based on a fundamental understanding of traffic and urban planning, an independent team of traffic planners develops solid solutions for the future design of traffic infrastructure. ITS specialists in the TRANSVER team identify technological innovations and their usability for the improvement of mobility and pave the way for novel and future-oriented solutions. Software engineers convert the research results into market-ready products and continually expand the wide range of modern TRANSVER processes and software products.www.transver.de