As of 2009 the TEN-T Executive Agency is responsible for the execution of the TEN-T Calls for Proposals on behalf of its “parent” DG Energy and Transport. The 22 April Info Day in Brussels aims at providing key information about the Calls for Proposals background and process for this year’s available funding including calls for Intelligent Transport Systems for Roads. This information day is proposed for Member States local and regional authorities: all potential beneficiaries interested in submitting a proposal.
Agency staff and colleagues from DG TREN will take you through the entire Call process: from introducing the policy background behind the calls to putting the finishing touches on a complete proposal.
Discussions will centre on:

  • Background of the calls: policy areas environmental criteria
  • Preparing/submitting the calls: how to complete the forms guidance on how to prepare an effective
  • proposal and avoid common problems
  • Evaluation of the calls: what criteria will be used to assess the proposals

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010