TelematicsPRO a member of the ITS Network Germany is aiming to launch its first installation of the project City Mobility App in spring 2011 in Cologne. The project is designed to cluster a bundle of current mobility information sets with a unique user system in every city.



The user of this location-based mobile information system will need a Smartphone which allows them to access one URL to get the recommended data to be moved from A to B.


This One-Stop information is linked with interfaces to all relevant mobile information like:

  • Pedestrian navigation
  • Car navigation with links to parking options
  • Intelligent riding with others
  • Carsharing
  • Public transport
  • Taxi


The mobility service described above provides the best possible option out of the information sets which are available independently – just click one URL to informed about the fastest and cheapest clima related path.


The German telematic association TelematicsPRO has formed a working group out of its members that is currently setting up this service with a first installation in Cologne Germanys fourth largest city.


For more information please contact Michael Sandrock.


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Original Publication Date: Thu 25 Nov 2010