ERTICO is delighted to welcome the Alpega Group to the Partnership. ERTICO and Alpega have the shared vision of bringing innovation to mobility and optimising freight transport with the ultimate goal of ensuring that every truck on European roads is utilised to its full capacity. Alpega is one of the digitalisation giants in the freight sector with over 80,000 carriers connected to their networks.

Heavy-duty transport, dominated by trucks, is responsible for a quarter of all transport emissions and some 6% of the total EU emissions. Yet, 12.3% of all international trucks are driving empty and this number is growing to between 15-30% for domestic transport. This has to be brought down significantly in order for freight transport to contribute to the European Green Deal decarbonisation targets.

‘At Alpega, our focus and vision are in providing the best tools and software to help shape transport collaboration and to overall improve logistic efficiency. We have been following closely the work of the ERTICO Partnership through the AEOLIX project, and we were welcomed to join the FENIX initiative. Our vision towards fully digitalised logistics matches perfectly the vision and work of the ERTICO Partnership. We very much look forward to taking an active role in cooperation with other partners such as European Ministries of Transport, truck manufacturers and logistics service providers,’ says Fabrice Douteaud, COO, Alpega.

‘We are excited that the Alpega Group is joining ERTICO – ITS Europe as an active Partner. As a leading global logistics software company offering modular solutions that cover all transportation and logistics complexity needs, the company brings together the best solutions and market expertise to stream-line and facilitate the logistics process. With Alpega on-board, we are one further step on the way to meeting our targets for freight transport. We look forward to making things happen together with other players in the sector,‘ says Zeljko Jeftic, Deputy Director of Innovation and Development.

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