The ERTICO Academy kicks off 2020 with its first training organised in Ankara. In an interactive setting representatives from ministries, road authorities and cities will gather together to learn about benefits of ITS and C-ITS, impact assessment, traffic management control and communication technology standards.

ERTICO Academy trainers and ITS experts Jennie Martin (ITS UK) and Andras Csepinszky (NNG) will give first-hand insights addressing real-life challenges and concerns on C-ITS deployment unique to public sector players.

The ERTICO Academy is established to deliver a one-of-a-kind learning experience targeting cities and road authorities interested to develop their skills and knowledge in the smart mobility sector. As a public-private partnership with over 25-years’ experience in making mobility smarter, ERTICO offers the Academy as the logical next step in ERTICO’s strategic focus on bringing real-life improvements to road transport.

“ERTICO acts as a vital connector. With our track-record experience in the field of smart mobility we are able to provide an expert team of trainers and share our knowledge beyond borders. Skilled professionals in the public sector are an absolute precondition to achieve sustainable, efficient and safe mobility for the future of European citizens”, says ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard.

The experience of hosting the first-of-its-kind services in Turkey provides a great foundation for further trainings. Jointly organised with ITS Turkey, this activity builds on a close collaboration that ERTICO has established over recent years. Turkey’s unique transport infrastructure offers new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the mobility sector.

“The ERTICO Academy is characterised by a tailored approach. Our programmes are targeted to address individual needs, instead of a one-fits-all solution. Participants benefit from exclusive feedback, with trainers available for questions prior, during and even after the training day. The ultimate goal is solving real-life challenges that cities and road authorities are facing today”, points out Zeljko Jeftic, Deputy Director Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO.

Launched in 2019, this training marks the beginning of a series of activities that will be organised all across Europe. Ten cities have already declared interest and are currently working on defining personalised programmes with the ERTICO Academy team.