ERTICO – ITS Europe: After one year of ERTICO chairmanship what is your résumé so far?

Gunter Zimmermeyer: ERTICO is the only European platform for ITS where all relevant stakeholder can cooperate together with equal rights and responsibilities. I am more convinced than ever that such a platform is necessary to achieve the common goal of all ITS stakeholders: deployment of most advanced effective affordable reliable and secure ITS services. This will be to the benefit of society by saving lives strengthening mobility and reducing pollution. It will also be to the benefit of business because Europe will be the most competitive provider of these services.

I see the work in the Supervisory Board as a model case of cooperation for the ERTICO Partnership. There are 15 ERTICO Partners represented in the Board. We are truly working together in the spirit of partnership. The Supervisory Board ensures that ERTICO provides an effective neutral and highly motivated platform for cooperation.

I am very excited about the next year where we already have some very interesting plans. You know it will be the year of 20th anniversary of ERTICO.

ERTICO – ITS Europe: In a nutshell how would you describe the essence of the ERTICO Partnership?

Gunter Zimmermeyer: The ERTICO Partnership gives the chance to deploy ITS systems and technologies for the above mentioned targets even if the business model for one single company or public authority does not exist. Community and cooperation can make it happen!

ERTICO – ITS Europe: What are the three upcoming main challenges for the ERTICO Partnership?

Gunter Zimmermeyer: To ensure a coordinated and effective deployment of suitable ITS services in Europe together with the EU institutions Member States and private stakeholders which is co-modal and user oriented.

Support a coherent R&D and standardisation strategy which enhances European competitiveness and deployment of ITS.

Strengthen further ERTICO’s supportive role in the overall context of European activities on or related to ITS like the ITS Action Plan EasyWay Intelligent Car Initiative Green Car Initiative ERTRAC etc

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Original Publication Date: Sat 24 Jul 2010