The second ITS World Congress Webinar will take place on Wednesday 26 May and will focus on Next-Gen Connectivity for Next-Gen Mobility as part of the Congress topic of New Services from New Technologies. Keynote addresses will be given by Peter Stuckmann, Head of Unit of Future Connectivity Systems, DG-CONNECT, who will present the European Commission’s priorities for the ‘digital decade’; and Christoph Voigt, Chairman of 5GAA,who will present the association’s vision.

Panellists from leading organisations in Asia, America and Europe will then talk about connectivity for transport and mobility focusing on applications, infrastructure, enabling technologies, standards and security issues. The panel includes Young-Jun Moon, Senior Research Fellow, The Korea Transport Institute; Ralf Willenbrock, Product Manager, T-Systems; William Whyte, Senior Director Technical Standards, Qualcomm Inc. and Jan Ellsberger, Vice President, Industry Development, Huawei. Join the webinar to also find out more about their plans for the Congress.

The ever-increasing pace and breadth of technological innovation has been pushing transport and mobility towards new horizons. Breakthroughs in diverse areas such as quantum computing, distributed ledger technology, energy management, etc. are all advancing private and public mobility across all modes: road, air and waterways. Many of the new services being offered, whether they are to do with Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) or Mobility as a Service (MaaS), rely on robust and widely available communication networks that are increasingly being seen as a necessary component of both the digital as well as physical infrastructure.

The range of benefits that ubiquitous and low latency communication could bring to the transport and mobility sector has led to large-scale testing of 5G mobile technology. But even as its deployment has been speeding up, interest and research is shifting beyond 5G (B5G) to next generation communication technologies: 6G. This webinar will focus on the potential that Next Gen communication technologies offer for the range, quality and accessibility of new mobility services.

ERTICO-ITS Europe in collaboration with the City of Hamburg and the regions of ITS Americas and ITS Asia Pacific recently announced the launch of the Webinar Series that will drive momentum for the ITS World Congress. The series covers activities across the six topics of the ITS World Congress, as well as showcasing ERTICO- ITS Europe’s work in projects and platforms in smart mobility, giving a global perspective with input from speakers from across the world.

The second ITS Webinar: Wednesday 26 May, 2.00pm – 3.15pm. Please do join us! Register here. Please find the updated agenda here.