STARTUPS: Scenes or trends often run in cycles – one minute they are the go-to concept from which everyone wants a bite of the cherry; then it is time to pick as many holes in them as possible, ensuring you stay one step ahead. Silicon Valley is probably going through the latter at the moment, with even its biggest cheerleaders reflecting on their own earlier evangelising. Read more on Pando.

Silicon Valley has an asshole problem, and it’s high time we owned up to it.

I’m not talking about “brogrammers”. I’m not talking about Google buses, or the evils of libertarianism. I’m not even talking about greed.

Also, when I say “Silicon Valley”, I really mean the tech startup ecosystem that’s centered in California but stretches to New York, Los Angeles, and beyond.

This article is a little about misogyny, but it’s principally about hypocrisy.

That’s the real sin here.

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