At the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, MOBiNET presented the third Release of its platform, components and tools as well as the concept of a Europe-wide e-market place. These were demonstrated through a series of activities:
  • Live demonstrations: The MOBiNET stand demonstrated 7 use cases. All these use cases showed the value add of MOBiNET either through demonstrations, applications or videos.
  • Conference: MOBiNET presented 10 papers in technical sessions of the ITS Congress Conference, as well as a Special Interest Session organised by MOBiNET on the question whether there is a business case for a universal mobility service marketplace.
  • ITS Hackathon: Together with Michelin Challenge Bibendum, MOBiNET staged an ITS Hackathon. The Hackathon was a good example of how the MOBiNET platform can facilitate the development and marketing of mobility services. And the winners are …
  • Congress app: The multimodal journey planning app integrated into the Bordeaux congress app was enabled by MOBiNET.

Follow this link for a detailed overview of the showcase.

About MOBiNET:

The MOBiNET ( project envisages a new “Internet of Mobility” where transport users meet providers of next-generation mobility services. MOBiNET is a European e-market place of mobility services for business and end users. The project addresses the current frustration that widespread deployment of ITS services is hindered by the complexity of the real world of mobility information and infrastructure, which e.g. prevents seamless coverage of services across borders throughout Europe.

By developing a Europe-wide e-market place of mobility services for business and end users, MOBINET extends the business scope between service providers; provides pan-European coverage; and ensures that public and private providers can post their data in the service directory to a wide and broad community, facilitating the creating of innovative solutions or enhanced existing services.

MOBiNET is a co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th RTD Framework Programme, Directorate General for Communications Network, Content & Technology (FP7_ICT-2011-6.7) – Grant agreement no. 318485. It runs from November 2012 until August August 2016.



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MOBiNET “the Internet of (Transport and) Mobility