Before her election as Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc had to prepare a number of written answers to the questions raised by the European Parliament. From her answers to the Parliament, it can be deduced that Intelligent Transport Systems will be very present on the EU political agenda.

Below, you can find a compilation of quotes:


  • “Investments geared to railways, inland waterways, short sea shipping and intermodal operations will focus in particular on major cross-border projects and the main bottlenecks in the TEN-T multimodal corridors, areas where Member States have been more reluctant to invest. These investments should also support intelligent traffic management systems and logistics, which allow us to make the best use of the existing infrastructure”


  • “Innovation has a key role to play to make our transport system more efficient and reliable, and to further improve its safety. I am convinced that we need to re-conceptualise the transport system as a network of integrated services, with the customer in the centre and use technology available to us today, to make this concept a tangible reality”


  • “Connected mobility, with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at the heart of the system, has enormous potential that is waiting to be tapped into”


  • “I will work to develop the framework conditions for more comprehensive multimodal travel information, planning and ticketing systems for passengers and for universal real-time road traffic information systems.”


  • “The EU industry is very active in ITS but we still need to seriously start its deployment, ensuring the security and interoperability of the system, while addressing concerns on the protection of personal data”


  • “Together with the Commissioner for Regional Policy, the Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy and the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, I will ensure that transport contributes to the development of smart cities


  • “I am convinced that we need to make alternatives to private car usage more attractive. I will therefore promote non-motorised forms of transport such as walking or cycling, i.e. through better protecting the most vulnerable road users, and strive to improve the quality of public transport. I will also work to improve all citizens’ access to mobility, at an affordable price”


  • “As regards rail transport, there should be no more differences between cross border and national traffic within the EU. To this end, cooperation of infrastructure managers across borders will need to be strengthened”


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