The Traveller Information Services Association has been invited to participate in the ERTICO webinar series which aims to provide an office based environment to keep up to date without travelling to a meeting.

The webinar will be used to explain the workings of TISA in a “This is TISA” presentation covering the structure and working methods.  A second part of the webinar will be a discussion about TISA’s “current hot topic”: the changing landscape of broadcast delivery for TTI.  The question about some channels being switched off without suitable replacements becoming available has to be addressed.

The two speakers for the webinar will be:

  1. Bev Marks – Executive Director of TISA and
  2. Dave Francis – Technical Director – Broadcast Technologies- ITIS Holdings plc; TISA Member Chair of the Content & New Features Working group

For further information please contact: Amaury Cornelis / Stephanie Chaufton.


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Original Publication Date: Wed 09 Mar 2011