Toyota Motor Europe (TME) will supply its Toyota fuel cell module (TFCM) for Daimler Buses’ new city bus, the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Range Extender. Daimler Buses is part of Daimler Truck AG. The TFCM2-F-60 is a second-generation flat-type module that produces 60kW power and can be easily integrated into the bus roof, alongside the battery and hydrogen tanks. A major benefit of Toyota’s fuel cell technology is that the range of the all-electric bus can be extended in urban traffic to around 400km for the solo bus and up to 350km for the articulated version of the bus. Combining the battery and the fuel cell as a range extender eliminates the need for intermediate charging on the go.

TME engineers will support the system’s overall design and the module’s integration into the bus to ensure optimum efficiency, power, and service life. The heavy-duty unit’s efficiency results in comparatively low hydrogen consumption relative to the power generation. With an integrated voltage converter, the TFCM operates in a 450 to 700 volts voltage range and most efficiently at around 30kW.

In line with its vision of a decarbonised society, Toyota is promoting the application of its hydrogen fuel cell technology beyond passenger cars to include heavy-duty trucks, small delivery trucks, boats and buses. To realise this goal, Toyota establishes partnerships with several European OEMs that share the same hydrogen vision. Bringing together all types of hydrogen applications around hydrogen infrastructure will support the development of ecosystems where hydrogen mobility can expand further.

“We are delighted to work with Daimler Buses and are pleased to see that our hydrogen powertrain sales activities in Europe continue to expand. Toyota is committed to achieving carbon neutrality, and we believe hydrogen is one of the key building blocks of a future decarbonised society,” Matt Harrison, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.

Source: Toyota