Working with Transdev on the shared autonomous mobility service launched by Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab, AKKA’s expertise in autonomous driving and connectivity systems is brought to the fore.

Internationally renowned in the field of engineering technology and consultancy, and leader in the mobility sector, AKKA further confirms its know-how in the development of autonomous driving and connectivity systems through its collaborative project with Transdev. In 2011, AKKA invested in upskilling in autonomous electric vehicles, a strategy which resulted in the development of the Link&Go demonstrator vehicle, a first in many projects that followed for major industrial clients. This capability has been showcased through AKKA’s support for Transdev in this experimental project to run the first shared, autonomous on demand mobility service on European open roads. Transdev is a major player in Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab, who will be servicing a number of destinations within the Madrillet Technology Park. The project aims to provide a mobility service for the first and last kilometer in a Saint-Etienne du Rouvray suburban area where traditional public transport solutions are not an option.

Together, the Transdev and AKKA teams have designed, developed, integrated and fine-tuned the autonomous system now in use in the Transdev vehicles. This system includes all the automation components needed for localization, path-following and environmental management on a road vehicle subject to real-time constraints. From the initial research to calculation of the AI algorithms, AKKA has once again demonstrated its ability to support major mobility stakeholders in the field of complex autonomous systems.

Paolo del Noce, CEO France, said “I’d like to thank Patricia Villoslada, Autonomous Transport Systems EVP at Transdev, for entrusting us with this project, which is an example of perfect collaboration between the Transdev and AKKA teams in designing and fine-tuning a highly innovative project in record time. We’ve called on our entire mobility skillset and combined both innovative and proven technologies. It’s a fantastic illustration of our ability to transfer intelligent technologies from our internal research centre, AKKA Research, over to industry.”

Source: AKKA