The European Commission today adopted two implementing regulations as part of Mobility Package 1 to render checks for compliance with EU road transport rules more targeted and consistent throughout the EU.

The first initiative updates the classification of serious infringements that may lead to a road transport operator’s loss of good repute (this amends Commission Regulation 2016/403). The new instrument adds new infringement types arising from the adoption of the Mobility Package 1 and will ensure that Member States assess these infringements by road transport operators in a harmonised way. Serious infringements to laws on contractual obligations, cabotage and the posting of workers in road transport have been added to the list of infringements that may lead to the loss of good repute (as set out in Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009). Good repute is one of four key requirements that EU hauliers must fulfill in order to operate within the EU.

The second initiative establishes a common formula for calculating the risk rating of EU road transport undertakings. The risk rating is calculated based on the number and severity of infringements against the EU road transport rules committed by the road transport operators and their drivers. It is recorded in national risk rating systems established under enforcement Directive 2006/22/EC. A common risk calculation formula will ensure equal treatment of operators in compliance checks and will allow for comparability of risk scores. The next step will be to give road-side inspectors access to this data on risk scores.

Source: European Commission