A seminar was organised on 12 April in São Paulo at the premises of Viajeo partner IPT – Institute for Technological Research with the support of B.Bice (FP7) the Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing International Cooperation with the European Union.  Aimed at sharing best practices in the field of traveller information ITS for large events and electric mobility the event had the presence of 70 stakeholders namely ERTICO partners: DEKRA Kapsch Mizar Navteq Pluservice and QFree.

At the seminar opening the city of São Paulo was addressed by Angel Landabaso Counsellor for Science and Technology at the EC delegation in Brazil: “If we find a solution for São Paulo which is at the top of the list of cities with transport problems then we will find a solution for the whole world”. The counsellor highlighted the need for stakeholders to focus during events such as this seminar on real solutions to be applied in the future and not only on the discussion of problems and previous results.

The seminar also focused on the application of intelligent solutions for transport used in large events such as the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016 (both of which will take place in Brazil). João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira president of IPT commented: “These are two big examples of business opportunities and a platform such as this seminar is important for the spread of knowledge especially when a city like São Paulo is facing huge mobility problems”. CET (the São Paulo Traffic Engineering Company) was invited to present how it currently manages large events in the city of São Paulo while STADIUM shared their experiences concerning a handbook under preparation for mobility planners and the project’s demonstrator in South Africa.

The European Commission represented by Frédéric Sgarbi Head of Sector “Advanced Road Vehicles” DG Research and Innovation explained the available FP7 instruments for international cooperation between the EU and third countries such as Brazil. He underlined that the EC is looking for more balanced cooperation namely through coordinated calls or twinning between the EU and Brazil.

Photo: Angel Landabaso S&T Counsellor Delegation of the EU to Brazil and Joao Gomes de Oliveira President of IPT

Viajeo in São Paulo: update

Viajeo will integrate its open platform with local components and demonstrate the use of the open platform in four cities: Athens São Paulo Beijing and Shanghai. In São Paulo the platform will collect floating vehicle data and integrate it with existing data sources from the traffic control centre. São Paulo site partners are Mizar (leader) AEA IPT Magnetti Marelli and USP.

A user needs survey was performed targeting business travellers and local residents. Their views were collected on the available traveller information services taking note of what kind of improvements could be achieved. At this stage partners are addressing the design and implementation of the platform which should be completed by September 2011 and kicking off the last stage: the operation and validation of the platform. By the end of the first semester of 2012 the demonstration results will be made available and a public final event will be organised in São Paulo.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 29 Apr 2011