2015.08.10_fahrscheine_bitte_volldigitales_bus-ticket_im_smartphone_vodafone_medien_flickr_cc_by-nd_2.0A new report has projected that the value of smart public transportation in Europe will be € 1.5 billion by 2019.

Smart public transport covers a range of areas and includes global positioning systems (GPS) to accurately track public transport vehicles, collecting and monitoring real-time traffic data, and contactless or mobile ticketing.

The value of these technologies is therefore expected to show stable growth from its 2014 valuation of € 1 billion. One of the largest growth areas is wireless connections on buses and trams, which is expected to increase dramatically.

The total value of public transport services in Europe is estimated at between €150-200 billion, or around 2 per cent of the continent’s GDP.
The report was commissioned by Berg Insight, a telecommunications consultancy.