On 27 May, CO-GISTICS Consortium met at the Italian pilot site in Trieste. The meeting was hosted by CO-GISTICS partner and pilot site leader University of Trieste; it focused on the technicalities to implement harmonised services across Europe as well as starting a discussion preparation of business models.

The meeting was also an opportunity for visiting the headquarters of the fleet operator Autamarocchi and the Port of Trieste including the RO-RO shipping mainly directed to Turkey, operated by Samer & Co. Shipping.

The Trieste pilot will implement all the five CO-GISTICS services. The Intelligent truck parking, Delivery areas and Multimodal cargo services will be implemented in the Fernetti dry port. The Priority and speed advice service will be implemented along motorways from and to the Trieste port. The Eco-drive support and the CO2 emission estimation and monitoring services will be mainly implemented in the Autamarocchi truck fleet.

During the meeting, CO-GISTICS consortium welcomed also two new associated partners: Imtech Traffic & Infra, technical service provider, and AutoLogS, a spin-off of supported by the Polytechnic of Bari and the University of Trieste.


Original author: ERTICO CC