DEVICES: Mobile browsing is one thing, communicating on-the-go is another. But where devices and a consumer’s ability to be a fully-connected traveller really starts circling 360 degrees is in the payment space. Apple is making a move, after Google’s own foray, so expect countless others to follow suit. Read more on Wired.

No doubt about it: the mobile payments marketplace is set to explode — and soon.

The fuse has been burning for years, lit perhaps by PayPal, perhaps by Apple, perhaps by Near Field Communication (NFC) or other enabling technologies.

Whatever the origin, the imminent rise in mobile payment technology is going to change life in a big way.

Players across a spectrum of industries, from retail to wireless, mobile device to financial services, are vying to dominate this next phase in the mobile payment revolution.

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NB: Mobile payments image via Shutterstock.

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