The sharing economy has penetrated through several mammoth sectors – from housing to transportation, the ability to share a stranger’s possession is a de-facto way of life today.

EatWith (TLabs here) has raised $8 million in Series A to fuel its efforts to create a platform to discover great meals cooked at strangers’ homes.

The startup is challenging the traditional means of eating out – i.e. going to a restaurant – and replacing it with the idea of a custom-created meal at a host’s house. Amateur and professional chefs apply to EatWith to serve meals, and then each chef creates a menu, places it online for sale and eventually welcomes those customers into their home for a home-cooked meal.

Think of it like a friend’s dinner party – except paid for and facilitated by a third-party digital platform.

The round, which was led by Greylock Partners, is to be used to develop the platform further into new markets while also enhancing the offering in existing ones.

Greylock’s Simon Rothman said in the announcement:

EatWith is building a business that takes advantage of a few significant macro trends: People are becoming more comfortable with the mechanics of the marketplace economy, online technology platforms are making it easier for people to connect offline, and foodie culture has meant more people are actively seeking out unique dining experiences.

But the most important drivers of our investment in EatWith are the product and the team. Guy and Shemer have built an incredible platform and going to an EatWith dinner is an unquestionably magical experience.

NB: Apple pie image courtesy Shutterstock.

Original author: Nick Vivion