The I_HeERO Research Project is hosting a Webinar on eCall for Heavy Goods Vehicles, featuring an overview of current knowledge and insights into the future of eCall technology. Join from your computer on Thursday, 14 December  from 11:00 to 12:00 by clicking this link:

The I_HeERO project (Infrastructure Harmonised eCall European Pilot) ensures that the necessary infrastructure is in place to allow Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs) in EU Member States to handle automated emergency calls placed by eCall . Based on the pan-European 112 emergency number, eCall technology will be mandatory for all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold in the EU after April 2018.

The Webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. eCall for Heavy Goods Vehicles
  2. eCall for long-distance buses and coaches
  3. Developed In-Vehicle Systems and Public Service Answering Point prototypes
  4. Recommendations to adjust vehicle type-approval and potential amendments to legislation
  5. Recommendations for implementation of eCall with neighbouring countries
  6. Future work:
    • eCall triggering in Heavy Goods Vehicles, long distance buses and coaches
    • Access to cargo information databases
    • ADR/ATEX implications for In-Vehicle System installation
    • Adjustments to the eCall for Heavy Goods Vehicles standard

I_HeERO is conducting a series of studies to understand how vehicles not currently included within the EU Regulation on eCall may benefit from this technology. The scenarios investigated include Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and the integration of next generation 112 eCall technologies.

Additional data beyond the current Minimum Set of Data would benefit emergency services: for trucks, it could include information on the type and quantity of cargo, as well as electronic documents such as e-CMR and e-ADR. For buses and coaches, transmitting the number of passengers to emergency services would greatly improve their ability to respond to an accident.

Read more about the eCall architecture of demonstration scenarios for HGV here: I_HeERO HGV eCall leaflet

About eCall

eCall is a 112 emergency call triggered either manually by vehicle occupants or automatically as soon as an in-vehicle sensor detects a serious collision. When activated, eCall establishes a voice connection with the relevant Public Service Answering Point.

Using the voice line, a Minimum Set of Data (MSD) is sent to the PSAP operator. The most important data is the accurate geo-location of the collision scene, and the exact make and model of the vehicle. Knowing the exact location of the collision is vital, allowing the rescue services to arrive much faster at the scene. Time saved translates into lives saved.

Getting immediate information about a collision and pinpointing its exact location cuts emergency services’ response time by 50% in rural areas, and 40% in urban areas. Thanks to this gain in time, eCall is expected to save several hundred lives in the European Union each year, and to mitigate the severity of tens of thousands of injuries. Road collisions cost the EU around €160 billion/year, but if all cars were equipped with the eCall system, up to €20 billion could be saved annually. eCall will be mandatory in the European Union from March 2018, and operational in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

I_HeERO – Webinar on Heavy Goods Vehicles

Thursday14 December 2017 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET

Join the Webinar using this link: (no pre-registration necessary)

You can also dial in using your phone, using this Access Code: 442-043-829

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