Webinar on the  ITS standardisation  1 October 2014: Presentations and webinar recording available now!


     Webinar on the
 ITS standardisation 
1 October 2014

Presentations and webinar recording available now!



iMobility Support hosted a webinar on 1 October 2014 on ITS Standardisation. 103 ITS Stakeholders attended the webinar. Speakers included Wolfgang Hoefs from EC DG CONNECT, Knut Evensen from Q-Free, Steve Sill from the US DOT, and François Fischer from ERTICO – ITS Europe.

iMobility Support project officer Wolfgang Hoefs, Head of Unit at EC DG CONNECT, opened the webinar happily noting the substantial interest in the webinar. He emphasized that ITS Standardisation is an important part, and its importance is also spreading to a wider audience. 

Please have a look at the presentations and webinar recording at the iMobility Support website.

Thank you for your participation in our Webinar.


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