The City of Copenhagen, ITS Denmark and ERTICO – ITS Europe have an Open Day for current and potential exhibitors and commercial partners for the ITS World Congress 2018. Under the theme “Quality of Life”, the Congress will focus on innovative ITS solutions for easier and healthier mobility in people’s everyday life.

The benefits of either exhibiting or entering a commercial partnership with the Congress are huge and reflect a commitment to bringing together industry professionals with unique ITS expertise and technology in order to develop new business solutions. Through the exhibition and partnership packages available you, together with ERTICO – ITS Europe and the City of Copenhagen, will have a world platform to showcase your ideas and solutions and in turn contribute to the success of the Congress.

The Open Day will include general information on the ITS World Congress 2018 as well as details on how to become a commercial partner or exhibitor. We will also be looking at how you could engage in some of the other activities included in the Congress with what you wish to demonstrate and debate. Most importantly it will give you the chance to discuss how your organisation and 25th ITS World Congress, Copenhagen 2018 can work together to showcase the future of ITS.

The event will start at 13:30 and will take place at Bella Center, Copenhagen.

The draft agenda is available here. If you would like to attend this meeting, please RSVP by 15 January 2018.