“Fuelling Europe’s Future” is a study carried out by carried out by consultancy Cambridge Econometrics, with the participation of industry leaders and stakeholders of the automotive sector, consumer groups, trade unions and industry associations, all reunited under the umbrella of the European Climate Fundation.

The project explores the economic impact of the transition to low-carbon vehicles and presents a series of possible future scenarios of the impact of vehicle technologies on the environment, health and economy of the Old Continent. The key findings can be summarised as follows:

  • Thanks to E-mobility, Europe could cut its spending on oil imports by €49 billion in 2030
  • EU economy will be strengthened, with a mild increase in GDP
  • By 2030, e-mobility will help create 206,000 net additional jobs in Europe
  • Europe would be on track to reduce CO2 emissions from cars by 88% by 2050, which will translate into a significant improvement in terms of health
  • By 2030 the difference in price between gasoline cars and zero emissions vehicles will be narrowed. Diesel and gasoline cars will become more expensive to meet air pollution and CO2 limits.

However, despite this positive forecast, significant investments are needed to achieve these tangible goals. Numbers reach around €23 billions for investments by 2030 in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

This extensive report strengthens the importance of research in the field of clean mobility, which is one of the tasks carried out by ERTICO – ITS Europe in the framework of its Clean Mobility Programme.

A summary of the report can be found here, while the entire document can downloaded here.