On 4 March 2022, SENSORIS publicly released a new specification that would further allow the exchange of information between the in-vehicle sensors and a dedicated cloud as well as between clouds.

The new version includes some changes to the previous 1.2.2:

  • The Vehicle Device Category has been added to the SENSORIS Data Message;
  • In the Vehicle Device Category, the Exterior Light Status event and Wiper Status events for the front and rear windscreen wiper are included;
  • In the Traffic Events Category, the E-Call Status event has been added.

In addition, the package names for the Google Go programming language have been added throughout the specification.

This latest public release expands the range of information that can be transmitted to the cloud. It also supports gathering information on E-Call events, enabling big data analysis that include these emergency events as well. Collecting exterior light status and wiper status provides information about the vehicle’s environment even when information from more advanced sensors are not available.

The updates in the latest version will have an impact on improving efficiency, comfort and safety for drivers.

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