The 2nd of April marks an important milestone for the deployment of blockchain in Europe and beyond. On this day, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) was officially launched in Brussels, with ERTICO playing a pivotal role. With 105 founding members and 70 companies wanting to join, “it is quite amazing to see how this whole work took off so rapidly, considering the early start in November 2018” said Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO-ITS Europe and Member of INATBA’s board.

INATBA brings together industry, start-ups and SMEs, policy makers, regulators, civil society and Standards Developing Organisations thus fulfilling the European Commissions’ plan to have an international blockchain association with grounds in Europe.

ERTICO, represented by Jacob Bangsgaard, is one of the twelve board members and chairs the mobility working group.

“There are four areas of focus, also called working groups, in INATBA”, explained Mr. Bangsgaard. “The first one deals with financial services, it is the biggest area and gathers some of Europe’s most important financial institutions. Two others concern the health sector, and energy sector. Finally, there is the transport group, which we as ERTICO are proud to be chairing”, he explained.

But what will be the benefits of INATBA, and what added value will it bring to ERTICO Partners?

Mr. Bangsgaard explained how indeed blockchain is already a well implemented solution across a variety of sectors, including the automotive one.

“There are already ERTICO Partners, but also non-Partners, who are presently using blockchain in various applications, proving that this is indeed a new technology that can solve some of the challenges related to cybersecurity, shared mobility, fleet management and so on.”

Certain mobility sectors have already benefitted and can, in the future, favour from blockchain solutions, one of these being Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

With such an important milestone set, ERTICO looks forward with much anticipation at the benefits INATBA will bring to the industry, and the potential gains which can be reaped by its Partnership.

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