ERTICO is delighted to announce that Brisa Group has joined its Partnership. The Brisa Group has played a key role in the financing, definition, construction and operation of a network of motorways, covering Portugal’s main road axes and crossing the country from North to South and East to West. As a result of such experience, Brisa has developed a culture that is strongly directed to the promotion of mobility and accessibility with important economic and social benefits for the activities and communities it serves. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the Traffic and Transport Industry sector.

“I am delighted to welcome the Brisa Group to the ERTICO Partnership as a leading pan-European public transport provider with years of expertise in network operations and road infrastructure. The Brisa Group is an important promoter for advancing efficient mobility solutions for all focusing on development and accessibility”, says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO. “Their added value and knowledge will significantly contribute to a more in-depth understanding of the operational models for road infrastructure, and we are eager to start working together and continue to support the Traffic and Transport industry in advancing more efficient, safer and sustainable mobility solutions”.

In 1972, Brisa ensured the construction of what is now regarded as the backbone of the Portuguese Highway System. Over the years, it has forged a path, extending its reach to the whole country from North to South and from East to West, stimulating economic activities and bringing the Portuguese closer together.

For over 40 years, Brisa has led the national road market and established a structured and internationally recognised operational model for road infrastructures. The emergence of new trends, technology developments and changes in people’s behavioural patterns led to the advent of a new era, where the concept of Mobility gained broader significance, bringing in new challenges. Brisa provides efficient mobility for people, focusing on Mobility as sine qua non for growth, development and value creation.

Today, it has a new mission: to provide efficient mobility for the people. It has created an innovative operation model focused on technology and customer service, and its growth is firmly based on innovation.

“ERTICO is a transformational leader in the smart mobility sector. Brisa is very happy to join the organization with great confidence in this partnership outcome,” says Andreia Moreira de Jesus, Senior Business Development Manager at Brisa.

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