City Moonshot collects cities’ concerns and needs on mobility and transport, analysing the main challenges to accelerate a sustainable transition. On September 19, it will host an interactive Workshop at ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles to boost the exchange of ideas on new mobility trends.

City Moonshot is ERTICO’s  initiative to engage, inspire and empower cities worldwide. By interviewing 300 city representatives from different regions, it gets an in-depth understanding of the main obstacles and trends in transport and urban mobility. The initiative has already accomplished more than half of the targeted interviews in the global survey. To discuss the results of the first report and the key topics of the second Phase, ERTICO team with its colleagues form the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions organises the workshop “City Moonshot: Cities’ intelligence to accelerate the transformation of mobility”, taking place on Monday, September 19 at 15:00 PST (room: 409B).

To spice up the session, participants will be divided into small groups to actively debate topics such as sustainability, data sharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). In the second round, changed groups will discuss Phase II main topic: Urban Air Mobility. Closing on a high note, attendees will have the opportunity to become “Honorary city representatives”, participating in the survey.

“We have interviewed a large number of cities and regions’ representatives outside Europe to date. Now we have a great opportunity to share our findings on the international stage and extend our initiative beyond Europe, with an aim to find truly global solutions to common worldwide challenges”, observes Vlad Vorotovic, Director ERTICO I&D.

For further details on City Moonshot, you can also visit ERTICO’s stand at the Congress.

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