ERTICO and its Partner VVA are undertaking the second support study for the European Commission DG MOVE’s new Working Programme regarding the ITS Directive (Directive 2010/40/EU) on the possible revision of Delegated Regulation 2015/962 (on Real-Time Traffic Information-RTTI-data). The programme establishes a framework in support of the coordinated and coherent deployment and use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) within the Union, in particular across the borders between the Member States, and sets out the general conditions necessary for that purpose.

This survey is a successor to the previous one, which was also carried out by ERTICO and its Partner VVA in April.

By completing the survey, you could be invited to participate in the final workshop meeting that shall take place in November or December and cover the findings of the study.

The survey focuses on:

  • Providing insights on expected cost and benefits for including additional data categories in the revision of Delegated Regulation 2015/962;
  • Assessing the possibility to expand the geographical scope of the Delegated Regulation (i.e. beyond TEN-T, motorways and priority zones defined by the Member States);
  • Identifying data gaps and optimal geographical coverage of RTTI (Real-Time Traffic Information) data;
  • Understanding the opportunity for the use of in-vehicle generated data, in a business-to-government context, for road operation purposes;
  • Exploring the possibility to mandate the availability for essential data types; and
  • Validating the identified needs in terms of data quality.

ERTICO and VVA invite everyone to take part in the survey by 30 September 2020 at 17h00 CET, and to share the link with contacts who might be interested in contributing.

Click here to take the survey.

The survey should take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete, depending on how many of the non-obligatory sections one chooses to answer.

For more information, please contact VVA’s study team at