The 13th ITS European Congress, held in Brainport, Eindhoven, the last 3 – 6 June, has been a great opportunity for CONCORDA (Connected Corridor for Driving Automation) to engage with the ITS Community and practically test on the road the technologies which have been implemented througout the project life.

CONCORDA, in fact, wants to prepare European motorways for connected and automated driving and high density truck platooning, by providing adequate connected services and technologies in terms of interferences and interoperability.

CONCORDA activities in the framework of the ITS Congress mixed theory and practice: several Technical Sessions about communications for CAD and high-density platooning in real environment have been held at the Evoluon, the venue of the event.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond, already well-known for CAD activities and demonstrations, hosted a technical workshop on Security of Hybrid Communication for all the project partners and the live demonstration of two use cases: Truck Platooning and Highway chaffeur, testing V2V and V2X communication throught ITS5G technology, and Roadside Assisted Connected Driving, showing how automated vehicles benefit fromroadside sensors which provide them with earlier information about road events, to enhance the driving experience in order to increase safety, confort for the passengers and smooth the traffic flow.

The  live demo has been chaired by Eusebiu Catana, project coordinator from ERTICO, together with Michael Menzel (BOSCH) and Igor Passchier (SIEMENS). The mayor of the city of Helmond, Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel, was there to assist to the road tests.