The ADASIS AISBL just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and the collaboration among members couldn’t be more successful. Over 20 years, ADASIS achieved several milestones, including the latest internal release of ADASIS v3.2.

The membership of ADASIS is represented by and well balanced among four sectors of the automotive industry: vehicle manufacturers, navigation system manufacturers, ADAS manufacturers and map database suppliers.

ADASIS AISBL members can exclusively:

  1. access all ADASIS AISBL documents from the Association’s origin to the most current ones
  2. access the reference implementation for the ADAS Horizon Reconstructor (AHR) for ADASIS v2 as well as the new reference implementation subcontracted to Elektrobit for ADASIS v3
  3. influence the technical direction of the ADASIS standard
  4. contribute to future versions of the ADASIS de facto standard, in particular, the current ADASIS v3.0 enabling Automated Driving
  5. have immediate access to the latest release of the ADASIS protocol/specifications (now ADASIS v3.x). Non-ADASIS members will receive, upon request, only the previous version before the last major ADASIS specifications
  6. gain knowledge on ADASIS implementation and related activities from other members,
  7. access and use interoperability test cases in order to perform compliance tests

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