The City of Copenhagen will host the ITS World Congress at the Bella Center from 17 to 21 September 2018. It is the largest International Congress for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

The Congress is expected to attract more than 4,000 delegates, 10,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors.

The municipality of Copenhagen has chosen the theme of “ITS – Quality of Life”. The World Congress must present the latest international ITS solutions and provide concrete suggestions for how the solutions create better quality of life for road users and citizens. Intelligent transport systems will answer some of the most pressing challenges of the day, such as climate, air quality, urbanization, congestion and road safety.

ITS contributes to the City of Copenhagen’s ambition to become the world’s first carbon neutral capital in 2025. With the help of ITS solutions, it is possible, for example, to improve the accessibility of bicycles and public transport, thereby reducing CO2.

“Worldwide, ITS is experiencing strong growth. In Copenhagen alone, the last few years have invested more than half a billion in new intelligent traffic signals and street lighting. The host is therefore a unique showcase for new Danish-based transport solutions, research results, technological expertise and products and services from Danish companies, “says Steffen Rasmussen, Center Manager of Technology and Environmental Management.

ITS World Congress 2018 supports the City of Copenhagen’s business and growth policy to strengthen the eagerness integration – Greater Copenhagen. Through regional partnerships – public and private – the World Congress must help to establish and strengthen partnerships between Denmark and Sweden. All in all, the Congress must be the basis for even stronger Nordic cooperation. The City of Copenhagen has selected a number of ITS themes, which will be the focus at ITS World Congress 2018. One of them is “Cross-border Solutions” within ITS.

The City of Copenhagen expects that more than 15 demonstration projects and tests will be carried out in the city hall up to- and during the Congress, so that both delegates, users and citizens can be involved in the development of ITS. Here, small, medium and larger Danish companies will be able to show and test their innovative ITS solutions, and the Congress will provide a platform to showcase internationally. The ITS World Congress 2018 will therefore be a “driver” for the regional growth potential. The municipality of Copenhagen has also entered into a partnership with the Capital Region in connection with the World Congress. The ITS World Congress 2018 will also be a unique platform for developers, researchers and international decision makers dealing with ITS and growth potential in the ITS industry. The Congress is a meeting place for transport ministers and EU commissioners, and a significant political forum for transnational transport agreements. At the sa

me time, the City of Copenhagen hopes that Denmark will be represented as widely as possible with the participation of mayors and municipalities from all parts of the country. The Congress will contribute to new jobs, product development and research, while Denmark draws on the yellow driver’s clothing in intelligent transport systems globally. More than 200 Danish companies have the potential to market their products and services at the Congress. Therefore it is an ambition of the Congress that Denmark should increase sales of know-how and expertise in the ITS area to the rest of the world. For more information about the ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen, see