The eMobility ICT Interoperability Innovation Group eMI³ has released a Quality of Service statement paper for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging on publicly accessible infrastructure. This paper will raise awareness among all stakeholders to design practical ways forward to improve the charge of Electric Vehicles in Europe.

The e-Mobility market is growing at fast pace. However, the quality of service for EV charging on publicly accessible infrastructure has yet to be addressed in a coordinated way European wide, in order to ensure an efficient common market and make the charging process for electric vehicles as smooth as possible within Europe as well as when crossing borders.

“With regulation 2019/631 setting CO2 emission performance for new vehicles, the market share of EV and PHEV will have to rise sharply to exceed 35 % within the decade.”, said Gilles Bernard, member of the eMI³ Steering Board, who underlines the importance of the proposed Quality of Service statement. “This means that many drivers, who are still not aware of any other type of fuel rather than gas, will have to change their mind. They will need to be reassured and confident in the possibilities of recharging their EVs wherever they drive. A sufficient number of charging stations is not enough if service quality does not live up to the expectation, given the complexity of charging an EV and the need to use the services the same way everywhere.”, he concluded.
The proposed process is based on recent feedback and analysis of EV charging anomalies collected by eMI³. The process can be undertaken locally, at European Member State level and can be scaled up in time and with the degree of insurance requested.

It consists of lists of quality commitments addressing the roles at play for EV charging services on publicly accessible charging infrastructures, especially infrastructure owner and operator (CPO) and e-mobility service provider (EMSP).

Furthermore this statement paper is already being used as basis for a code of conduct in France issued by AFIREV (the French Association for Roaming of Electricity Charging Service), as well as in the Netherlands, by eViolin (the association of charging station operators and service providers). This Quality of Service statement will be shared with similar stakeholder organisations and political authorities in other countries. eMI³will support and follow-up these initiatives with further consultation and improvement of the document.

eMI³ statement paper on “Quality of Service statement for EV charging on publicly accessible infrastructure” can be found on the eMI³website at this link.