The MaaS Alliance announces the appointment of the new Board of Directors, headed by President Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe.

“It is a great honour to be re-appointed on the Board and continue serving as President of the MaaS Alliance,” said Mr Bangsgaard. “I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments over the past five years; the MaaS Alliance is now a well-established body and a reference point for the MaaS development across the continents. We grew from few visionaries to over 100 members now, welcoming organisations from Europe, Japan, Australia, and United States. The industry is currently going through challenging times; but we are convinced that Mobility as a Service holds its strong promise and is needed more than ever to support recovery of our transport sector and provide opportunities for green growth”, he continued.

The Board of Directors acts as governance body of the Alliance, setting the strategy and the priorities of the organisation together with the members. In its composition, the Board reflect the membership organisation into public and private organisations, and associations. In addition to the re-appointment of seven members, including ERTICO Partners, the Board counts on new members Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Systra and Transdev. While Jacob Bangsgaard was re-elected as President, Krista Huhtala Jenks from MaaS Global was appointed Vice-President.

The composition of the newly elected Board of the MaaS Alliance is:
Jacob Bangsgaard, President – ERTICO – ITS Europe
Krista Huhtala-Jenks, Vice-President and Treasurer – MaaS Global
Aurelien Cottet – Transdev
James Datson – Connected Places Catapult
Jehan de Thé – Europcar Mobility Group
Carme Fabregas – ATM Barcelona
Pierre Gosset – Systra
Laurianne Krid – FIA Region I
Eric Mink – Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
Joost Vantomme – ACEA