Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with ITS Korea

On the second day of the 15th ITS European Congress, ERTICO – ITS Europe and ITS Korea signed a strategic bilateral partnership to strengthen international cooperation in promoting the uptake and benefits of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) across both regions. The newly minted partnership between the parties aims to bridge the knowledge gap and strengthen the international scope of research, planning, promotion and deployment. Within this framework, ITS professionals, users and stakeholders from both sides will benefit from a more profound understanding of ITS to further enhance the development and deployment in their respective regions. Read the full press release here.

Boosting knowledge sharing with the Transport Technology Forum (TTF)

ERTICO – ITS Europe and the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) agreed on Wednesday, 23 May 2023, to continue boosting their shared vision of knowledge sharing and collaboration through a new engagement plan. Both organisations consented to work together on areas of mutual interest and needs. ERTICO CEO, Joost Vantomme and Steve Gooding, Chair of the TTF, will respectively participate in relevant working groups, events and related Project and Platform meetings. This new engagement plan further enables the TTF to enhance knowledge sharing through the  ERTICO network, particularly regarding EU activities, including forthcoming regulations, standards, and outputs from European expert groups. Access the full press announcement here.

DFRS join forces with NAPCORE to enhance road safety 

Joost Vantomme, ERTICO CEO and Chair of the Data for Road Safety platform (DFRS) General Assembly, signed a Cooperation Agreement with Timo Hoffmann, Secretary General of the National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe (NAPCORE). The collaboration aims to enhance road safety data governance and knowledge through mutual learning. DFRS and NAPCORE will share best practices, improve data quality, and streamline access to safety-related traffic information datasets through the National Access Points (NAPs). This partnership reinforces their efforts to expand their knowledge base and promote the use of vehicle, crowd, and infrastructure data for road safety across Europe while complying with EU legislation.

TN-ITS and DATEX II standards unite to drive data exchange harmonization

TN-ITS and DATEX II achieved a significant milestone in data exchange standard harmonisation under the coordination of NAPCORE. The Declaration of Lisbon, signed by Christian Kleine, TN-ITS President, Bard de Vries, Chair of the DATEX II Change Management Board, and Timo Hoffman, NAPCORE Secretary General, marks the merging of both standards. This collaboration aims to enhance road efficiency and safety, representing a major step towards a unified language for data distribution and road operations throughout Europe. Both parties agree on developing, deploying, and governing the integration of their technical standards to facilitate user adoption and support stakeholder engagement communities to align with relevant EU policies.