Exploiting Computer Vision and GNSS Applications for ADAS and Digital Cartography

Panel (from left to right): Oihana Otaegui, Fabian Pütz, Xavier Rouah, Cristian Olariu, Alan Peters, Suzanne Little, Joachim Kreikemeier

A Special Interest Session on ‘Exploiting Computer Vision and GNSS Applications for ADAS and Digital Cartography’ at the 12th European ITS Congress in Strasbourg (19-22 June) brought together speakers to present different perspectives of highly automated driving. The topic of the session was ‘Satellite Technology applied to Mobility’.

By addressing the various aspects of moving towards highly automated driving (and the ultimate goal of autonomous driving), the panel presented a complete picture of what is involved in getting applications ready to emulate human behaviour in the complex, unpredictable and hazardous world of real-life driving. The different modules represented gave insights not only into enhanced environment perception through sensor fusion and quality of training data but also into product validation and issues of insurance and liability that complete a human driving scenario.

The presentations were followed by a lively panel discussion based on questions from the audience. Follow the links below to read the presentations:

Oihana Otaegui, head of ITS and Engineering Department of Vicomtech-IK4, gave a presentation on the inLane project

Joachim Kreikemeier, Mechanical Engineer at Valeo, presented ADAS Product-Validation

Suzanne Little, Lecturer in Computing at Dublin City University, presented Cloud-LSVA Video Annotation & Semantics

Xavier Rouah, Software Engineer at INTEMPORA, presented RTmaps Middleware for autonomous driving and sensor synchronization

Cristian Olariu, Research Engineer in the Innovation Exchange Team at IBM Ireland, talked about IoT and Cloud-based services for Connected and Automated Vehicles (VI-DAS use cases)

Alan Peters, Project Leader at Transport Systems Catapult, talked about CavLab:  Building a Modular Autonomous Vehicle to be used as a Research Platform

Fabian Pütz, PhD student and research assistant at University of Limerick (Ireland), presented Insurances and Automated Vehicles (Cloud-LSVA, VI-DAS)

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