Flickr: VDOT

Flickr: VDOT

Trilateral (EU-US-JPN) Automation in Road Transportation Working group formed a new subgroup for Impact Assessment (IA) last spring.

The aim of this subgroup is to create a harmonized high-level evaluation framework for assessing the impacts of automation in road transportation.

The motivation to create such framework is to enable meta-analysis, design tests and studies to maximize the insight obtained, and to be able to arrange complementary evaluation across the world. FOT-Net’s FESTA handbook will be one of the baselines for creation of the harmonised framework.

The experts in IA subgroup also share best practices and results. The subgroup is co-chaired by Satu Innamaa (VTT), Scott Smith (US DOT) and Nobuyuki Uchida (Japan Automobile Research Institute).

If you are interested in joining the Trilateral Impact Assessment Subgroup, please, contact the co-chair of your region. For EU: