Traffic data specialist HERE has been selected by the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works to deploy a cooperative intelligent transportation system aimed at improving road safety and efficiency in northern Belgium.

The ITS (UK) member’s cloud based solution uses location platform technology to deliver safety critical alerts to drivers, warning them of, for example, a stationary vehicle, sudden congestion or road works ahead.

The technology enables the collection, analysis and distribution of highly accurate and localised information to impacted drivers via a smartphone application, as well as to the Regional Traffic Management Center.

A nine month pilot will see the system rolled out to cover major motorways in Flanders, including the E34 highway skirting Antwerp – a key corridor for heavy goods vehicles and one of Europe’s busiest roads.

This investment is part of, and funded under, the European Commission’s C-ROADS Deployment Platform.

“The HERE cloud based C-ITS solution, combined with existing cellular connectivity, has the potential to dramatically increase road safety and efficiency,” said the company’s head of smart cities Leen Balcaen.

“By creating the mechanisms to get the right road information, to the right drivers, at the right time, the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works is taking an important step toward mass C-ITS deployments and the commercial advancement of automated vehicles.”

The solution will initially use smartphones to collect and communicate information but it could in future harness real time information generated automatically by the on board sensors of connected cars.

The company adds that its solution is easily scalable across large areas; interoperable across borders; compatible with future cellular network standards such as 5G; and easy for people to use and benefit from.

This article first appeared on ITS UK Review.