Are you interested in the latest innovations in the field of automated mobility but don’t have enough time to read? Are you looking for an alternative way to stay up-to-date with the achievements of our flagship project SHOW, which aims to advance sustainable urban transport by deploying shared, connected, electrified fleets of automated vehicles for different applications? We have what you have been waiting for! The SHOW consortium is happy to announce the official launch of its new podcast ‘Automated Mobility: The people behind the wheel.’ This podcast offers you the opportunity to actually meet the experts that are working in this incredible project towards higher levels of autonomous driving, clean and sustainable mobility, MaaS and LaaS.

Through the podcast interviews, hosted by SHOW project coordinator Dr. Henriette Cornet, you may discover what motivates our project partners to be a part of this enormous shift in urban mobility and how they think AVs can impact our lives.

Explore the episodes of this exciting podcast here:
So far, we have released a first “setting the scene” introductory episode and a long interview with Endre Angelvik, Executive Vice President of Radical Innovation at Ruter, in which he discussed his vision of a car-free city and how Automated Shared Mobility could help achieve that.

Enjoy your listening!