HERE has launched a new service, Traffic Analytics, to support better analysis and decision-making for those who build, manage, and use the road networks to move goods and people.

What are traffic analytics good for?

What’s the easiest way for us to ease congestion at rush hour? What was the impact on traffic flow during that construction project? How quickly are people passing by this billboard?

These are just a few of the types of questions Traffic Analytics helps address.

When transportation planners intend to launch a new project, such as road construction, they are required to justify funding. HERE Traffic Analytics allows them to identify where a problem exists, measure the impact of making a change, and communicate the effectiveness of solutions.

This data set is specifically designed for governments and enterprises who need a robust set of data to perform analytics to help manage their operations more effectively.

Big data complexity

Understanding traffic is hard. Let’s rephrase that. It’s enormously complex. And information is changing continuously, with petabytes of data surging through the backend systems at HERE all the time. HERE collects and processes around billions of traffic probe points every single day across 50 countries.

Creating traffic analytics was a typical big data problem. HERE has all these trillions of data points; how can they become accessible to the people who need the information in a readily digestible way?

If you would like to know more about Traffic Analytics, take a look at HERE website.