28 June 2013

On Wednesday 27 June, ERTICO – ITS Europe’s CEO, Hermann Meyer spoke at the ITU-T Workshop on ITS in Emerging Markets in Geneva. 

The workshop was organised to discuss recent advances in intelligent transport systems (ITS) with an emphasis on improving road safety in developing countries.

Mr Meyer presented the current status of the work of the European Commission on its ITS Directive and explained the pre-deployment work of the 16 Member States which are currently participating in the eCall project HeERO. In addition, he also showed some of the previous and exisiting ERTICO activities, which are deploying cooperative services. In particular, Drive C2X, eCoMove, Freilot and Compass4 D have provided major milestones.

Reinhard Scholl (Deputy to the Director, ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau) and Mrs Eva Molnar (Director, UNECE Transport Division) confirmed the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems in making mobility more sustainable and the commitment of their organisation to support its effective deployment.

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