TM 2.0 will be organising a special session on the topic of “Enabling interaction between traffic management and mobility services” during the ITS World Congress to be held in October in Melbourne.  The session will take place on Wednesday, 12 October 16h00-17h30 in Meeting room 219.

Traffic Management is evolving into a multi-stakeholder cooperation where road operators and traffic information service providers, including OEMs are offering optimal end-to-end mobility guidance for people and goods. In the new traffic management concept, traffic planners are using floating car data in order to estimate traffic flow and study congestion patterns and bottlenecks while traffic information service providers are able to integrate relevant traffic management plans and strategies in their traffic information feed to their customers. The TM 2.0 Innovation Platform is leading this win-win concept in Europe, while similar traffic management developments are taking place in the US, Japan and Australia. This Session, will discuss the different traffic stakeholders viewpoints on TM 2.0 and identify differences and similarities globally among them.

We invite all who are interested in finding out more about the next generation of traffic management and how it is leading the way in creating a win-win for all stakeholders (drivers, traffic managers and service providers alike) to attend the session in Melbourne!