Learn how to enable a successful data sharing and re-use process

Flickr: Christophe Benoit

Flickr: Christophe Benoit

Looking for data about drivers, vehicles and their environment for your new research or business? Or wanting to know how to enhance the impact of your projects by sharing your own data? Participating to this webinar will give you a head start!

Data collected in Field Operational Tests (FOT) and Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDS) can be shared both within projects and after the projects are finished. However, for the data-sharing process to go smoothly there are several aspects to take into account. Join the webinar and learn what are the steps that need to be considered to share and re-use data in transport research.

The FOT-Net projects have gathered the experience and knowledge on data sharing from interested stakeholders from Europe, the US, Japan and other countries in recent years and incorporated them into the FESTA Handbook and in a new Data Sharing Framework.

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