Wednesday, 7 June 2017
The Hague, the Netherlands

The UDRIVE Experience is free of charge!
Lunch and refreshments are included as well as the entry to miniature park Madurodam. Can you find any UDRIVE vehicles in the miniature park?
Registration is required as availability is limited!


8:30 Registration & coffee
9:30 UDRIVE – The Project *Project Coordinator – Nicole van Nes *Chair advisory board – Fred Wegman *EU Project Officer William Bird
10:00 UDRIVE – The Key Results In an interactive session several UDRIVE experts take you through the key findings 
11:30  Coffee break
12:00 -16:00

UDRIVE – TheExperience: special sessions á la Carte Dive deeper in the results on specific topics that are most relevant to your work. Learn more and discuss the implications for research, industry and policy.

You can participate in 4 different sessions, before and after the lunch break.
• Vehicle demonstration
How does the UDRIVE Data Acquisition System (DAS) look like and how is it intergrated in the vehicle?
• Demonstration of UDRIVE database
What is recorded and how can the data be accessed for further analyses?
• Risky driving
How often do people speed and do they wear their seat-belt?
• Distraction
What distracting activities do drivers undertake, how often, when and where?
• Vulnerable road users
Do drivers see cyclists and pedestrians? How do they adapt their speed and looking behaviour? Is there a difference in looking behaviour between countries? • • Eco-driving
How eco friendly is the driving behaviour across Europe? Is there a relation between eco-driving and personal driving style, infrastructure, congestion and vehicle technology?
How does eco-driving relate to safe driving?
• Powered Two Wheelers
How fast do they ride and how do they adapt their speed to the situation?
• Trucks How often do truck drivers actually check their blind spot and how often are they involved in distracting activities?

16:00 UDRIVE – What’s next?
Reflections from different perspectives and views on future steps
16:30 – 18:00 Reception
  Evening Programme
19:00 Speed-dating in Europe’s first Ferris wheel over the sea. With whom would you like to share a ride on this Ferris wheel?
19:15-21:00 Dutch Pancake Experience on the North Sea