La Rochelle has launched a pilot program that provides an electric taxi service for elderly residents to help them get around the French city.
The six-month initiative, which started in December 2014, is specifically for the city’s nursing home residents. The private on-demand shuttle service will transport senior citizens to places of interest such as markets and day spas.
‘Our studies show that, as commuters, older people are rather well represented in public transport, and many travel on foot and by private car. But there are still travel requirements that are not satisfactorily met,’ says Laurence Broseta, Director General of Transdev, the company in charge of the service.
Senior residents receive door-to-door assistance as part of the service and extra effort goes into ensuring that destinations and times are communicated clearly and are understood. Users must register to use the service on the day before they plan to travel. As long as a minimum of three people are signed up they will be collected at a designated time and place.
Original author: Alexia
Photo by Garry Knight