ERTICO is thrilled to announce that LuxMobility has joined its Partnership. Founded in 2013, LuxMobility is recognised as an international consultancy in the field of mobility and sustainable transport in Europe and beyond. They actively work on tackling challenges related to climate change and providing safe and sustainable mobility and transportation for all. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the Service Providers sector.

“Welcoming LuxMobility to our Partnership is a great pleasure with the joint ambition to leverage our knowledge exchange, an important element of both our organisations. With their expertise in cross-sector activities, from smart parking, and public transport to road safety and urban logistics, we are looking forward to working together on the common goal of developing new and innovative solutions for the future of mobility in cities and main transport corridors worldwide,” comments Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO.

“Changing knowledge and innovation into practical solutions for cities and society. LuxMobility provides applied solutions for the growing mobility problems in cities and main transport corridors worldwide. The membership of the ERTICO Partnership will allow LuxMobility to improve its cooperation with the other ERTICO partners and expand its consultancy services in Europe,” says Patrick van Egmond, CEO of LuxMobility.

The basis of the company finds its origin in DTV Consultants, a leading consultancy firm in traffic, transport and education. Through its multilingual and multinational team of consultants, and an associated group of high-level experts, LuxMobility has direct access to key decision-makers and influential organisations at national and international levels.

Based in Luxembourg, LuxMobility operates as an international network organisation, providing its clients with the right people for the job. Working in this manner makes LuxMobility flexible and suited for many different transport and mobility projects.

Find out more about Lux Mobility here.

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