Smart cars smart homes smart grids – the world is getting serious about energy conservation and environmental protection turning to “intelligent” wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology for help. Imagine a world where your dishwasher air conditioner or washing machine “talks” to a smart meter in your home which in turn automatically “negotiates” with the utility company for the best rates. Sound futuristic? Not so!  M2M smart meters can remotely control home appliances automatically running them at the most opportune times to help conserve energy reduce costs and increase reliability and transparency between energy providers and consumers.

Now imagine a future where the air is always clear and the roads are filled with clean burning electric “smart” cars providing drivers with the latest traffic and route information instant communication with emergency road services and even directions and wait times for the nearest eCar charging station. In mega-city complexes in the Middle East the future is now and eCar infrastructure is being built with new roads. CINTERION is at the forefront of M2M technology and working with partners around the globe on next generation M2M technology that seamlessly connects machines smart grids vehicles and much more. 

In a smart grid all power generators including solar plants wind mills and traditional power sources can automatically exchange consumption and data between utility companies and consumers. When each point is connected the entire grid can be controlled and power distribution can be modified as necessary for efficiency and to prevent brown or black outs.  A case in point is eCar charging stations: the charging process may be automatically slowed during peak consumption times while the driver is at dinner and a movie. The car is fully charged when the driver returns but the automatic adjustment eliminates the utility company’s need to generate additional power to accommodate extra demand – and the driver gets a better rate for electricity! The smart grid also allows utilities to switch between energy producers drawing from clean energy sources when weather conditions are favourable.  
M2M technology offers immediate easy and cost effective “smart” living today!

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Photo: Holger Lenz Director Business Development Cinterion

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Original Publication Date: Thu 21 Apr 2011