The UK’s first bus powered on food and human waste is making its debut on the A4 Bath to Bristol Airport service.

The 40-seater Bio-Bus, which runs on gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste that’s unfit for human consumption,helps to improve urban air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional Diesel engines. The bus can travel 300km on a full tank of gas generated at Bristol sewage treatment works-a plant run by GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water.

The bus will carry its first fare paying passengers on the 08:00hrs departure from Bath to Bristol Airport on Monday 24th November 2014.

Bath Bus Company are extremely pleased to be participating in the trial and using the Bio-Bus with it’s distinctive wrap, promoting renewable and sustainable fuel, on its rapidly growing A4 service.

Collin Field,engineering director at Bath Bus Company, said:

“Up to 10,000 passengers are expected to travel on the A4 service during the 4 week trial period, which is available not only for airport travel, but also local journeys along the route through Saltford, Keynsham, Brislington, Knowle and Hengrove.

As part of the RATP Dev UK group, this represents RATP Dev’s involvement in the latest of a number of trials to gain experience of alternative fuels, with sister companies also experimenting with different alternatives.

The timing of this trial could not be more appropriate as.we approach 2015 when the City of Bristol itself becomes European Green Capital. With so much attention being directed towards improving air quality generally, the public reaction to the appearance of this bus on a service between a World Heritage City and an airport will further focus on the potential for this particular fuel”.


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