The SINFONICA project is advancing towards more inclusive, equitable, and accessible mobility services with the launch of a survey to gain a better understanding of users’ needs and preferences related to emerging mobility concepts, such as Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) services. The survey plays a crucial role in advancing the project’s mission to ensure a fair deployment of automated public and shared transport systems in Europe, accessible to all.

Following targeted workshops and more than 100 interviews with citizens with special mobility needs in the project’s four Groups of Interest in Trikala (Greece), Noord-Brabant (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany), and West Midlands (United Kingdom), SINFONICA now seeks input from citizens from all over Europe. Specifically, the survey aims to gauge participants’ familiarity with CCAM, their attitude towards it, their current behaviour and use of transportation, their degree of trust in automated systems, their needs regarding new mobility services like CCAM before and during a trip, including ease of use, affordability, safety concerns, etc., and how likely they would be to use public or shared transport using automated or semi-automated vehicles, if and when such services are available.

The data collected from the survey will serve for the creation of the SINFONICA Knowledge Explorer Map and will help define guidelines and recommendations for the development of inclusive CCAM services.

The survey is anonymous and is available in eight languages: German, English, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Polish, French, and Spanish. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is accessible until 30 April. Participants also have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ or a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or one of ten €10 bank transfers.

Take the survey here and help SINFONICA shape the future of mobility!