France’s national rail carrier, SNCF, plans to spend € 120m over three years on integrating multiple transport modes in one digital service.

From June onwards travellers in France’s 15 largest cities will have the opportunity to take part in the new service, which will offer access to public transport tickets as well as other mobility services such as bike, car, and lift-sharing.

The service will be called IDPass and will be available as a smartphone app. As well as allowing users to book transport and tickets, it will give information about available parking and shared vehicles.
‘To make mobility as simple as taking the car to get from A to B, we absolutely must be able to integrate all mobility solutions available to people today, such as car-sharing, cycling and buses with long distance travel by bus or train,’ said Barbara Dalibard, a director general at SNCF.
‘There must be an open ecosystem with agreements with local car-sharing, bus and other transport operators. The objective is to integrate the maximum amount of transport modes, including on the European level.’ Dalibard noted that SNCF’s plan aims to help double the number of public transport users in France over the next 15 years. 
Original author: Lewis Macdonald
Picture: eldelinux